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2018-902 Storm Sewer and Pond Maintenance Project

Project Details

This project includes creekbank stabilization at Nine Mile Creek near W 78th St, Creekridge Circle, and storm sewer pipe lining and sediment excavation at Normandale Lake.

The creek repairs will use a combination of boulders and soil wraps to repair ongoing erosion that threatens the access drive to 7808 Creekridge Cir. The soil wraps will use natural fiber reinforcement fabric and vegetation above the normal creek flows and natural field stone to stabilize the existing creekbank.

Excavation work at Normandale Lake will restore the sediment basin to the same contours as originally constructed in 1980. This will restore the sediment capturing water quality benefits. This maintenance work will take advantage of the winter weather conditions and the current drawdown project to reduce impacts to the environment and trail-users. The storm sewer pipe that drains into Normandale Lake will also be lined during this project to extend the pipe service life, avoid costly and disruptive impacts to W 84th St, the park trails, and retaining walls.

Work is expected to begin in early February and be substantially complete by early March 2019. Final restoration is expected to be completed by May, 2019.

Storm & Pond Maint Project


Throughout the project, updates will be provided via this website and the project updates listed below.

May 2019

May 3, 2019

Some minor spring flood repairs were completed this week to the Nine Mile Creek near Creekridge Circle. Because of high creek flows the crew accessed off W 78th St, removing some buckthorn over a City owned lot. Final restoration at this site and Normandale is mostly complete.

April 2019

April 19, 2019

Spring flooding caused a small bank washout at the Creekridge Circle site. Engineering staff and the contractor will work on repairs later this season due to DNR and Nine Mile Creek Watershed District restrictions that protect migrating and spawning fish.

March 2019

March 11, 2019

Creekbank stabilization was completed the week of March 4. The project used a combination of boulders, natural fiber blankets, topsoil, and live willow cutting to repair the bank erosion. Some final restoration will be completed at both Creekridge Circle and Normandale Lake later this spring.

February 2019

February 22, 2019

Excavation work was completed late last week with some general clean-up work completed this week. Some final restoration will be completed later in the spring. The pipe lining work that required closing the left eastbound lane of W 84th St was also completed this week. Traffic control on W 84th St is scheduled to be removed by late Friday, February 22. Creek stabilization work at Creekridge Circle also began this week and is expected to be completed within the next couple weeks.

February 8, 2019

The contractor is going to start work on the sediment excavation beginning February 11, and is expected to take about a week. The right eastbound lane of W 84th  St will be closed during the duration of the work for trucks and access. After the excavation work, the pipe lining will require switching to close the left eastbound lane for a couple days. Snow removal operations will be coordinated with City plow crews.

February 1, 2019

The contractor is going to delay start of the project until February 11 due to the anticipated rain and single digit temperatures. The project includes sediment excavation and pipe lining at Normandale Lake and creekbank stabilization at W 78th St and Creekridge Circle. The work is still expected to be substantially complete by the end of February.

January 2019

January 25, 2019

The contractor anticipates starting sediment excavation work at Normandale Lake on February 4. The sediment basin is on the North side of the lake between Normandale Lake Blvd and the pedestrian bridge over W 84th St. Work at this site is expected to take one to two weeks. There will be daytime right lane closures on W 84th St, Normandale Lake Blvd, and also walking trails during the work. Pipe repairs at this location will follow a week or two after the excavation is complete. Creek stabilization work near Creekridge Circle is expected to start mid-February. Nearby businesses will be notified prior to the work.