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Contact Information

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2018-301 W 106th Street Improvement Project


What is the scope of this project?

The scope of this project includes the reconstruction of W. 106th Street between Lyndale Avenue and Verdi Road to be completed in 2021.  As this area has undergone several years of adjacent projects, the goal of the 106th Street Project is to reconstruct this section of road in a manner that will integrate design elements from all of the recent projects. 

Beginning with the MnDOT 35W River Bridge Project, the design and construction of the new bridge over W. 106th Street was coordinated with the City to accommodate this proposed project.  The underpass of the bridge is significant as it was built to a wider span that will not only increase pedestrian and motorist safety, but will also facilitate a new road section that will include four lanes of travel, two shoulders, a median, and boulevard separated trails on both sides of W. 106th Street.  The connection to on-ramps and off-ramps for 35W have also been coordinated with the 106th Street Project. 

Within the project area, there are three frontage road segments that currently connect into W. 106th Street, which include; East Bloomington Freeway, West Bloomington Freeway and River Terrace. In advance of the 106th Street Project, West Bloomington Freeway and River Terrace will be closed permanently to vehicle traffic, though pedestrian access will be maintained with the use of new trail segments and existing sidewalk. The decision to close River Terrace and West Bloomington Freeway at W. 106th Street was reviewed and approved by City Council in November 2019.  

For West Bloomington Freeway, the road will be closed at W. 106th Street with the construction of a cul-de-sac north of W. 106th Street. The cul-de-sac will be constructed to allow for emergency services and maintenance activities, as the West Bloomington Freeway corridor is MnDOT Right of Way, the project will coordinate and construct a dry pond to help manage stormwater runoff and water quality efforts for a future MnDOT project.  

For River Terrace, the closure of River Terrace took place in the Fall of 2020 with the reconstruction of River Terrace as part of the 2020-101 PMP Street Improvement Project.  The 2020 PMP Project will maintain pedestrian access to W. 106th Street through the construction of a new trail segment.  The trail will then make a final connection to W. 106th Street with the coming project.  Storm water runoff management and water quality improvement efforts have also been designed for the closure area on River Terrace.  

The frontage road of East Bloomington Freeway is currently being reconstructed as part of the 2018-201 East Bloomington Freeway Improvement Project, and will include construction of a new multi-modal trail that will connect pedestrians from W. 106th Street to W. 99th Street.  At the East Bloomington Freeway intersection, the 106th Street Project will finalize the road and trail connections and include a new traffic signal to ensure that the signal and its components are not in conflict with the new road and trail alignments.

Following the conclusion of the 106th Street Project, a final touch to the area will be applied through a creative placemaking project that will look to incorporate the character of the area.  The creative placemaking process is currently underway and is being coordinated with the design and construction of the 106th Street Project. 

How is the project funded?

The project will be funded using MnDOT Municipal State Aid funds.

What is the project schedule?

The project is anticipated to complete design in Spring 2021 with construction to begin in late summer 2021 and complete in 2022.

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