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2016-902 Storm Sewer and Pond Maintenance Project

The 2016-902 Storm Sewer and Pond Maintenance Project includes:

  • Site A - Excavation and disposal of pond sediments and minor storm sewer maintenance at Xerxes Pond, 10910 Xerxes Ave. S.

  • Site B - Storm sewer outfall replacement below the bluff, south of 12XX River Terrace Drive, east of 109XX Girard Curve.

The pond will be excavated to remove the sediment delta and restore the flood protection and water quality functions. Pond sediment samples were collected and analyzed according to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency protocols for metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Sediments exceeded the PAH levels acceptable for industrial re-use, such as fill or compost, and require disposal at a Municipal Solid Waste landfill.

Residents near Site A, Xerxes Pond, can anticipate construction activities in and around the pond and trucks hauling for about two weeks.

Residents near Site B, and Minnesota River Trail users can expect pipe and access construction along the bluff, and trucks hauling along Lower Lyndale and the Minnesota  River Maintenance Road for about three to four weeks. Construction at both sites is weather dependent and the schedules may change.

Construction is anticipated to begin in early January 2017, with substantial completion by March 2017 and final restoration by June 2017.


Throughout the project, updates will be provided via this website, the project updates listed below, and through E-Subscribe.

February 2017

February 17, 2017

The storm sewer construction at Site B is pretty much completed, with the pipe and manholes ready for the warm temperatures and any remaining snow melt and/or rain. Crews will be selectively removing the cleared trees, saving some to restore the natural look and provide habitat. Ground restoration is expected to progress as long as the slopes are workable with equipment. Temporary erosion and sediment control measures might be used if the final restoration is delayed due to soft conditions. The temporary access trails will be restored with mulch, seed and/or left with wood chips for future maintenance.

January 2017

January 30, 2017

Work continues at Site B, warm temperatures have complicated access. Work on the pipe and manholes should begin the week of January 30. The colder temperatures are welcome as it reduces the amount of drainage into the storm sewer as old pipes are removed and replaced.

January 13, 2017

Excavation work and pipe repairs are complete at Xerxes Pond. Due to the cold temperatures, site clean-up will be delayed until warmer temperatures. Some temporary erosion control will be left in-place. Materials delivery and mobilization to Site B started on Thursday (Jan. 12), clearing and site access work will start next week. Storm sewer pipe work is expected to start the following week. There will be daily activity for the next few week along lower Lyndale and the Minnesota River Maintenance Road.

January 5, 2017

Work began this week installing the woodchip access and sediment excavation. The excavated sediment will remain on-site to dewater before being hauled to a certified landfill, expected early next week. Excavation, hauling and storm sewer repairs will continue for the next week or so.