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101st Street and Utah Avenue Traffic Circle

On Monday March 7, 2011 the Bloomington City Council approved the installation of a permanent traffic circle at the intersection of W 101st Street and Utah Avenue. The traffic circle will be installed during the 2011 constructions season. Along with the construction of the traffic circle, improvements to the pedestrian crossings at this intersection will also be made.

This location is currently an uncontrolled intersection with a reported neighborhood concern. As part of the intersection study, the City Engineering Department is proposing to installed a temporary traffic circle at this location. Below is information that was available at the May 13, 2010 Trial Open House.

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A trailer with video recording equipment was placed at the intersection to evaluate the performance of the circle. Click the links below to see short clips of this video data.

101st and Utah Intersection Study and Trial

Project Goals 2 - Way Stop 4 - Way Stop Traffic Circle
Permanent Accident Reduction Yes No Yes
Neighborhood Speed Reduction No No Yes
Pedestrian Safety No No Yes
Minimize neighborhood Impacts (noise, air pollution, delay … ) Yes No Yes

How to Drive Around a Traffic Circle

  • Vehicles should keep to the right and travel around the traffic circle in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Vehicles entering the intersection should yield to the vehicle on the right and to vehicles already in the intersection as well as any crossing pedestrians.

General Display Boards

101st and Utah Traffic Circle Follow-Up Study