At your service: Caitlin Ebner

Whether she’s inspecting restaurants or sampling lakes for E. coli, Environmental Health Specialist Caitlin Ebner says her work is all about being proactive to keep people safe. 

“I love the variety of work that comes along with my job, but my favorite thing is connecting people to resources that can help them,” Ebner said. “We like to provide as much education as we can to help people be successful.”

Ebner has been with the City for six years. She started as an environmental health specialist after graduating from University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire with a bachelor’s degree in environmental and public health. She also completed two summer internships in the City’s Environmental Health Division.

In her role, Ebner performs inspections to ensure federal, state and City codes are upheld. In addition to restaurants and Bush Lake Beach, she inspects hotels and pools. She also helps other City departments train staff in things like food safety
when needed.

“My first exposure to environmental stewardship was at our family’s cabin, picking up cans from the lake bottom with my dad. As a kid, it was a neat bonus if you found a crayfish inside,” she said. “I learned a lot about the health of the lake that way and it nurtured an interest that led me to the career I have now.”