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Up to Code: Keep our city looking good

Residents play an important role in maintaining property values and the appearance of Bloomington neighborhoods. City code describes standards for property maintenance and relies on residents to take care of their properties. Here are some common City codes regulating your house and neighborhood. For more information, visit

  1. Vehicles must be parked in the garage or on an approved driveway.
  2. Unlicensed or inoperable vehicles must be stored in the garage. This includes vehicles with expired tabs.
  3. No more than four vehicles may be parked outside of a garage excluding visitors.
  4. Trailers that exceed six feet in height or have a bed length of more than eight feet six inches cannot be stored outside of the garage. One trailer under this size may be stored outside no closer than five feet to side yard property lines. A utility trailer may also be parked in the driveway if it is at least 30 feet back from the street.
  5. Nonresidential vehicles taller than seven feet six inches or longer than 22 feet cannot park in residential areas.
Home maintenance and outdoor storage 
  1. Store materials, machinery and equipment in a building or fully screened area so they are not visible from adjoining or adjacent lands.
  2. Home exteriors must be maintained free from peeling, chipping and other deterioration. This includes siding, windows, trim, soffits, fascia, roof, doors, driveways, sheds and fences.
  3. Firewood stack size and location are regulated.
Refuse, litter and weeds 
  1. Grass must be cut before it reaches eight inches in height or before it is going to seed. All noxious weeds must be removed.
  2. All twigs, tree and shrub branches that fall in the yard must be removed immediately or stored in an enclosed container. Brush piles are not allowed on residential properties.
  3. Refuse (garbage) must be stored within a building or an enclosed container.
  4. All refuse, recycling, compost, twigs and brush should be placed at the assigned collection location no more than 12 hours before collection day. Waste containers must be removed no more than 12 hours after collection day. Refuse and recycling containers for single-family, detached homes must be set back 30 feet from any four-season living area other than the owner’s. Refuse and recycling containers cannot be stored more than five feet in front of the principal building along any public right-of-way. 
Home businesses 
  1. Certain businesses are prohibited in residential zones, including manufacturing, vehicle repair and retail where customers come to the house. Home businesses are separated into two types: Type 1 businesses include beauty shops, tutoring and piano instruction, but these have limits on the number of daily customers allowed. Type 2 businesses require Council approval.
Notice a problem? 

Let us know if a neighborhood property is becoming a problem. Report a nuisance or ordinance violation by calling Environmental Health at 952-563-8934 or e-mailing us at