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City still exploring options for new community center

A potential new community center is under consideration, but future plans no longer focus exclusively on a partnership with the YMCA. In November, the City Council decided they would like to conduct research on other options while keeping the door open for possible future conversations with the YMCA. 

In 2016, a task force recommended that the City consider finding a partner to share the costs of a community center project. The City began informal discussions with the YMCA later that year. Since then, a market research survey revealed that while 63 percent of respondents favored building a new community center, the number of potential new members for a YMCA facility was lower than the YMCA expected. The YMCA’s projected financial investment in a new center was less than the City Council desired. 

“We are grateful to the YMCA for its commitment to this conversation over the past two years,” City Manager Jamie Verbrugge said. “We wish the YMCA well in its work to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities.”

“Work continues to develop a new community center that will serve a broader section of the community,” Community Services Director Diann Kirby said. For information, contact Diann Kirby at 952-563-8717 or