At your service: Emily Taplin

The human-interest aspect of a story drives Emily Taplin’s work. As a video production specialist, she creates weekly videos for “Bloomington Today,” “For Your Health,” “Council Minute” plus other features. In City videos, Taplin covers everything from community meetings to Parks and Recreation events and more.

“It’s really an honor to have people open up and share their experiences with you,” Taplin said. “I especially enjoy sharing stories of everyday people.”

Taplin compares her video production to putting together a puzzle. The challenge is to take interview recordings and transform them into a finished piece that makes sense for the viewer. Stories in her videos are told in a well-rounded way with a keen respect for the subject.

Emily welcomes ideas for videos about the Bloomington community. Email Taplin at

Apart from her City work, Taplin uses her communications skills in how she interacts with her dog, Murrow the Frenchie. With nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram, Murrow is a “pup-ular” social media star. Soulful “paw-sonality” is Murrow’s hallmark, along with a tail wagging wardrobe that would make any furry fashionista howl.