Notable neighbors: Proud, prizeworthy state fair participants

The Minnesota State Fair beckons many a proud participant. Competitions run aplenty and some Bloomington residents take part. See how some of your neighbors compete at the fair.

Elmer Dockendorf, at right, has more fretwork projects than he can count and many won ribbons at the state fair. At 89, the longtime resident remains an active competitor. Win or lose, Dockendorf takes pride in his lifelike replicas of historical buildings.

Leather sandals, a cross-stitch pillow and a leather corset earned Amanda Fineran ribbons. Since 2016, Fineran has entered cleverly crafted handmade items. 

Artistry’s Operations Manager Nancy Lamberger puts her creative interest to the test at the fair. For nearly 25 years, she has competed with her paintings. “Those years when your work is accepted are what keep you going,” Lamberger said.

Andrew Monson won first place for barbecue sauce and fourth place for beef jerky. Breads and jellies are also on his competitive menu. “It’s so much fun, everyone should try entering something at the fair in their lifetime,” Monson said.