Notable neighbor: Imam Mohamed Omar

Imam Mohamed Omar serves as executive director of Dar al Farooq, a Bloomington mosque and community center. Following the 2017 bombing of Dar Al Farooq, Imam Omar embraced the role of public advocate for the local Muslim community. 

“I know keenly the hate that led to the unfortunate bombing can only be defeated by championing change and building bridges between the Muslim community and the broader city of Bloomington and Minnesota in general,” he said. 

Imam Omar, a native of Somalia, fled the country at the age of 15 to escape civil war. His activism and leadership transcends his role at Dar al Farooq. Imam Omar cofounded the Muslim Coalition of Faith in Minnesota and the Muslim Coalition of Isaiah to galvanize the Muslim community to become more civically engaged. He is a board member of Sakan Community Resources, a group dedicated to finding affordable housing for those in need. Omar is also a member of UADEEG, which means “you serve,” a relief group formed in response to the toll faced by many communities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. UADEEG has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct aid to communities in need, especially to seniors, through food and grocery delivery. UADEEG is currently partnering with school districts, after-school programs and faith centers in the metro area. He and his wife have lived in Bloomington for nearly 10 years with their six children.