Ayan Abukar

Notable neighbor: Ayan Abukar

In June of this year, healthcare was top of mind for many people. Longtime Bloomington resident Ayan Abukar fulfilled one of her dreams by opening a new healthcare resource—Action Care Community Clinic (ACCC)—in the city she calls home. 

“I used to own a child care business in Bloomington. Most of our customers were East African. They had a lot of different problems when it comes to navigating the stigma around healthcare. And most multilingual services were in Minneapolis at the time, so I saw a need to be filled here in Bloomington,” ACCC Executive Director Abukar said. 

ACCC’s mission is to provide quality healthcare to all patients, including those who have no insurance, don’t understand the system, don’t speak English and people with low income. They also provide health education and dental services. 

It’s always been important to Abukar to give back. She says this stems from her childhood spent in the midst of a civil war and then in refugee camps. 

“In the refugee camps the only resources we really had were each other,” she said. “We grew up helping each other in order to survive.”

Abukar also serves as director of Action for East African People.