Met Center sign 1970's

Bloomington yesterday: Met Center sign

In the 1970s, the Metropolitan Sports Center played a significant role in the world of sports. During this golden era, the venue served as home to the Minnesota Kicks, North Stars, Buckskins and Fillies. In 1972, the facility hosted the National Hockey League All-Star Game. The Boys’ High School Hockey Tournament was an annual event from 1969 to 1975. Countless other sporting events and non-sporting attractions took place here. (Even Elvis performed concerts at the Met.)

In the photo above, a vintage sign proclaims that “The world begins again on May 8.” The date marked the beginning of the 1977 season for the Kicks. Buying preseason tickets was a good idea because the soccer team drew big crowds at that time. Over the years, attendance dwindled, and the Kicks’ last game was in 1981. The Met Center was razed 13 years later.

Today, the location serves as the IKEA store and parking lot, but you can still reminisce the gone-but-not-forgotten Met Center. The glory days of sports live on in Bloomington.