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Bloomington Yesterday: Hopkins Briar Field Farm – 1900

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Bloomington Briefing Published August 30, 2022
Updated on November 2, 2022
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At the turn of the century, Joe and Leigh Hopkins grew black raspberries on their farm located along the Minnesota River bluff and valley at the end of what is now Lyndale Avenue. In addition to farming, the Hopkins operated a ferry from 1907 to 1921. The ferry was used to transport wagons, farm equipment, hay, logs, firewood and cattle across the Minnesota River. In 1912, Leigh Hopkins bought a used  team-powered pumping plant and installed it on the north bank of the river near the Hopkins Ferry landing. River water was pumped through a six-inch pipe at about 600 gallons per minute to irrigate the raspberry fields. Source: Bloomington on the Minnesota.