Bloomington’s classic American restaurants

Bloomington yesterday: Driving in to summer

During the dog days of summer, nothing beats a burger or a sub and a thick milkshake or ice-cold pop completes the experience. In the ’50s and ’60s, Bloomington’s classic American restaurants typified the times with quick meals that became symbolic of the era. 

The beloved restaurants served a slice of Americana. Maybe you visited one of these local hot spots for hamburgers, fries and other A&W mainstays. Or maybe you enjoyed one of the “succulent subs” that were touted as the best sandwiches around town. Submarine sandwiches loaded with meat, cheese and other edible cargo amassed a loyal crew. Oh buoy!

In the age before social media, a summer night’s entertainment was cruising to a drive-in—not just for the food but to see who else would be there.