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Bloomington yesterday: Dome whirl by the sledding hill

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Bloomington Briefing Published December 30, 2020

In the early 1970s, snow only added to the fun at Poplar Bridge Park, 4600 West 85th Street. Kids made good use of the hill going down from Palmer Avenue South and Poplar Bridge Elementary School. The spot has everything in place for sledding. 

In the foreground, the red-capped Miracle Dome Whirl is surrounded by a telltale ring of footprints. Even during winter, kids enjoyed the thrills, spills and dizzy delight of this vintage spin ride. The challenge was to keep hold of the metal handles, and make the dome twirl and go faster with foot power. No doubt, the snow provided some much-welcomed padding for inevitable tumbles off the ride.

The spinning dome was removed more than 30 years ago. These days playground equipment offers safer experiences for children. The City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Division completes multiple park improvement projects each year. In 2019, the City and Bloomington Public Schools partnered to install a new playground at Poplar Bridge Elementary.

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