Bloomington yesterday: Bloomington High School days never ended

It’s 1954 all over again when a group of Bloomington High School (BHS) graduates meet for their annual reunion. The class of ’54 has made an annual tradition of it the last few years. Of the original 112 students, 15 to 20 gather to celebrate the glory days of the Bloomington Bears. Some still live in Bloomington.

For Fran Koch, talking about BHS brings back memories of carefree times. Once, some of his burly football team buddies picked up and moved his Ford Model A from the parking lot to a field behind the school. The prank did not keep Koch grounded for long; he managed to get the car back onto pavement that same eventful night.

The mood in post-WWII America was optimistic, as the BHS motto proclaims: “Before us lies the timber. Let us build.”

“Everyone was friendly and there wasn’t any commotion,” Class of ’54 CEO and Historian Marlene Blair said.

Songs by Doris Day, saddle shoes, sock hops and class comradery were in abundant supply. The class of ’54 was one of the last to attend BHS, where Presbyterian Homes is located today at 9889 Penn Avenue South. Next time you’re around there, picture the old school brimming with students and their green and white BHS Bear spirit.