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Bloomington yesterday

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Bloomington Briefing Published January 28, 2021

You’ve got mail in a vintage envelope from the City of Bloomington. These red, white and baby blue illustrations come from the back of an envelope, circa 1961–1962.

The message was clear: Bloomington was big league and booming — an ideal place to work, live and play. The city was growing with an abundance of new homes, recreational activities and modes of transportation, which were crowned by the Metropolitan Airport just to the north. Modern planes, trains, trucks and boats kept things moving at the fast pace progress demanded.

As home to the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins and Metropolitan Stadium, Bloomington was on the world map for professional sports. The city was even home of the Twin City Skippers of the National Bowling League. 

Bloomington offered all the modern conveniences and in big ways, it’s a tradition of service that continues today.

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