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Behold the best of Bloomington birding

Abundant parklands and Minnesota River frontage make Bloomington a birder’s paradise. With patience, a good eye or ear, and a bit of luck, birders can discover hundreds of species of birds here.

The spring migration is a particularly busy time, but birding is a year-round activity. Bloomington resident Bob Williams identified 92 species in his backyard during one year. As an avid birder and lister, he is always watching and listening.

The birding community keeps active sharing real-time updates through texting, Facebook and more. Perhaps you heard about the roseate spoonbill spotted by the Old Cedar Avenue area last year? The place was flocked with birders. 

“When the spoonbill showed up, it was like a high school class 50th reunion. Everyone came together,” Williams said.

Some other favorite observation points include the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge (MVNWR), 3815 American Boulevard East and Hyland Park Reserve, 10145 East Bush Lake Road. The MVNWR’s has bird feeders behind the visitor’s center and Hyland has feeders by the Richardson Nature Center.

Spotting birds while they’re eating is a fun way to be introduced to birding. Learn more about birds at a meeting or field trip with the Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter. Sign up at the MVNWR visitor’s center or visit for information.