100 Years of Bloomington living

For most of us, turning 21 or 50 or 75 is a big deal, but Betty Pearson, pictured with her daughter Jan Whitbeck, goes beyond those milestones by many years. The lifelong Bloomington resident celebrated her 100th birthday in April.

Not many people can remember the days when Bloomington was a farming community powered by horses—when phone lines were rare and quilting bees were the way neighbors kept in touch. The rural landscape was a patchwork of cropland fields, anchored by hand-honed homesteads.

Decades ago, Pearson’s childhood home at West Old Shakopee Road and Harriet Avenue South made way for retail development and is a Festival Foods today. Over a century, much has changed, yet the most important things have stayed the same.

Family, friends and faith are Pearson’s mainstays. The successes of her two children, five grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren make her beam with pride.

“I don’t look at my years; I look ahead,” Pearson said, affirming her belief that she still has important work left to do and a meaningful life to live.