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City of Bloomington social media

Social media accounts

These social media accounts allow the City of Bloomington to engage with the public build a closer relationship with the City's constituents.


Social media policies

Purpose statements

Bloomington Fire Department 

The Bloomington Fire Department maintains a Twitter account to engage with the public and to share information about the department’s services and activities. The Fire Department uses Twitter to:

  • Provide publicly available information about the Fire Department's responses to various incidents.
  • Share fire safety and fire prevention information.
  • Encourage open communication and build public awareness.
  • Support recruitment efforts.
  • Share information about upcoming events and activities.

The Fire Department's Twitter account is not an emergency notification system. In the event of an emergency, call 911.

City of Bloomington Nextdoor account 

Nextdoor users are primarily interested in communicating with one another and sharing information specific to their neighborhoods. With this in mind, the City limits its use of Nextdoor general posts to items of prominent citywide interest, avoiding messages targeted at specific segments of the population and special interest groups. General posts should be large in scale and should impact people across all demographics, such as Summer Fete and elections.

The City may also use Nextdoor's audience-targeting capabilities to provide information of neighborhood-specific interest, such as local road construction updates, water main breaks and so on. 

Dwan and Hyland Greens 

Social media allows visitors to connect with others with similar interests, receive news and updates, and add comments and content, helping to shape robust, participatory online communities.

The social media presence of the City of Bloomington's golf courses consists of accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for each course.  The purpose of these accounts is to allow us to engage our constituents effectively and efficiently, share information, and elevate the level of awareness about our courses in particular, and about golf in general.  

Our intent is to use these channels to share information in a timely and customer-centric manner with the objective of developing closer ties and an exceptional, mutually beneficial relationship with our community.  For more details, visit us at,

Farmers Market 

The City of Bloomington Farmers Market maintains social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. These accounts allow us to engage our community members and followers through creative content that promotes awareness about the farmers market and its activities.

Our goals are to increase the community’s understanding of the Bloomington Farmers Market, connect patrons to current market vendors, empower followers to regularly attend their local Farmers Market, and communicate updates and changes to planned events in a timely manner. Links posted on the Farmers Market's social media accounts are chosen at the sole discretion of City staff and are intended to provide visitors with a comprehensive experience. Posted links should not be considered endorsements for particular affiliations, ideas, businesses, vendors, recipes or products.