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Repair, donation and recycling opportunities


During Bloomington's Curbside Cleanup, appliances and brush are collected for recycling and composting.  The remaining items collected during the cleanup, even items still in good condition, are taken to a landfill for disposal.  A study conducted during the 2019 Curbside Cleanup found that 35% of the items that were collected could have been reused or recycled.  The study included over 2,000 curbside cleanup piles, and was conducted each Saturday morning of the Cleanup, right before the haulers came through to collect.  You can keep your good stuff out of the landfill by repairing, donating, (or even reselling) items in good condition.


Repair items like electronics, small appliances, bikes, and furniture at local repair shops, or attend one of Hennepin County’s free monthly Fix-It Clinics to learn how to make simple repairs yourself.


Donate items to one of the many charitable organizations in and around Bloomington.  Some can even pick up items right from your house for a fee.  Each organization has specific guidelines about what they accept, so check them before donating.  Due to COVID-19, most organizations may currently be closed, so please check websites and call ahead prior to donating items.  Residents are encouraged to store items at home until organizations re-open. 

Contact the organizations below or visit their websites to learn what items they accept.

Other donation opportunities


Recycle un-usable mattresses, carpet and car seats through specialty recycling vendors that accept these materials.  Due to COVID-19, several of these locations may currently be closed, so please check their websites or call ahead prior to recycling items at through the businesses below:   

Resell, swap or give away

Resell high quality items such as furniture, sporting goods, and clothing at specialty consignment shops.  Resell, swap or give away items in good condition on platforms such as Craigslist,Nextdoor, Freecycle and Facebook Marketplace.

Hennepin County Green Disposal Guide and Choose to Reuse

Visit the Hennepin County Green Disposal Guide for proper disposal options of most household items.  To find even more reuse opportunities, use Hennepin County’s Choose to Reuse tool – it’s as easy as typing in your item and your ZIP code!

Thanks for doing your part to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle in Bloomington!