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At your service: Barb Wolff

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Published March 22, 2021
Updated on April 8, 2022

Last year when COVID-19 began, Barb Wolff stepped up to volunteer at Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People (VEAP) and encouraged others to do so as well. As a Bloomington resident, she cares about her community. That civic pride not only carries through to her work at VEAP, but to her job as special projects and initiatives manager for the City. It’s a position she’s held for two years. She began her tenure at the City in 2011 as a community development office supervisor.

Her work at VEAP helps community members get through tough times by providing stability through food and housing.

“I enjoy showing a bit of kindness and compassion to those who may be experiencing troubling times,” Wolff said. “It’s really about helping others through a financial crisis and the pandemic has put many members of our community in dire straits.”

Another thing Wolff strives to do is change negative perceptions about people in need. Social stigmas are attached to job loss, income reductions due to cut hours, fixed income constraints and other financial pressures. These challenges are difficult for people to endure during any time and COVID-19 has only added to the strain. 

The demand is greater than ever but when people are in need, Wolff is ready to provide support. Bloomington is better as a result of her dedicated work both as a career professional and
community volunteer.