Omar Bonderud Human Rights Award winners named

Darringer Funches

Karam LawThis year, there are two Omar Bonderud Human Rights Award winners—Darringer Funches, top, and Karam Law, bottom. In a tradition going back to the 1970s, the Human Rights Commission honors individuals and organizations making significant contributions to ensure the human rights of people in Bloomington.

Students at Valley View Middle School look up to Darringer Funches. As the Dean’s Office paraprofessional, his unconditional empathy and advocacy help youth thrive. Among peer school staff, Funches promotes anti-racism change. 

“After the incident involving George Floyd, I wanted to do more personally and initiated conversations with the superintendent and assistant superintendent of Bloomington Public Schools,” Funches said. “As a result of that incident, many are looking to bring about change. As an African-American male, father, and role model, I feel that I have to make sure I’m doing my due diligence for my son, my daughters and others within my community.” 

Karam Law assists immigrant families seeking reunification, advises employers securing work visas for their diverse workforce, and advocates for immigrants needing humanitarian protection. 

“With over 145 years of collective experience, our staff speaks six languages, and uses those skills not only in the day-to-day business of law, but also in volunteer capacities as mentors, tutors, law professors, on foundations, and other pro bono work,” Managing Attorney Leslie Karam said. 

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