Meet Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator Amanda Crombie

What began with volunteering to serve on a parent advisory group at the Pond Family Center led to a “dream” career for Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator Amanda Crombie. Crombie’s work is focused on advancing equity and inclusion, developing new methods of outreach and engagement and serving as an advocate to ensure the community is considered and heard in the development of programs and services. 

In her role, Crombie coordinates the Bloomington Leadership program, plans the annual Veterans Appreciation event, organizes Welcome Meals and serves as an advisor to the Youth4Youth group, a subcommittee of Bloomington United for Youth. She is a trained facilitator and as serves as an outreach and engagement liaison for Parks and Recreation and Bloomington Police. She also volunteers for the League of Women Voters in her free time.  

“I’ve always been focused on how I can help the community—whether through volunteering or advocacy. Being in this position is like a dream job that brings together everything I care about. I am really excited to see where my city is going,” Crombie said. 

For more information, visit or call 952-563-8733.