City facilities, including Bloomington Civic Plaza, are currently closed. Call 952-563-8700 for info, or visit the   COVID-19 closures page.

Hi, neighbor

There’s a new vehicle in town and it has four wheels capped with a colorful design. The Bloomington Engagement Vehicle or “BEV” joins the City’s engagement team this fall. The Community Outreach and Engagement Division repurposed an older City vehicle, creating a way to bring local government to the people.

The vehicle is designed to be inclusive and welcoming to all people. BEV will be in Bloomington neighborhoods sharing information, gathering input and formulating solutions with the public on a variety of topics. Visit or call 952-563-8733 for the next location and topic. Watch for BEV in the Bloomington Heritage Days parade and festival and stop by and say “Hi, neighbor.”