The Purchasing Section coordinates most purchases of products (commodities) and services for the City of Bloomington and its departments. Street and sewer construction projects are coordinated by the Engineering Division.

It is the City of Bloomington's policy to provide equal opportunities to contractors and subcontractors in the purchase of products and services.

Request for bids, construction bidding projects, and request for proposals

From time to time, the City of Bloomington solicits offers from the public when it has a need for certain materials and/or services.

Items for sale

The City of Bloomington uses GovDeals.com to manage the sale of used equipment or other items.

View current items for sale.

Vendor Self Service (VSS)

The City of Bloomington is now offering VSS, which will allow Vendors to access their company information and records online. Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Payment Information will be available 24 hours a day.