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City of Bloomington


Organizational mission, values and vision


Bloomington's mission, values and vision statements guide the City's comprehensive planning efforts. These statements were prepared as part of the Imagine Bloomington 2025 strategic planning and budgeting process conducted by the Bloomington City Council 2006 - 2008.


A professional, productive, learning organization that builds and renews the community by providing quality services at an affordable price.


Bloomington is a community that people seek out as a place to live, conduct business and recreate. We have achieved this status by creating vibrant, safe, welcoming neighborhoods and by working together with our neighbors to promote the fun and vitality of community life.

  • We choose to shape the future rather than reacting to a changing environment.
  • We provide our children with the educational opportunities to succeed and lead Bloomington into the future;
  • We support the efforts of our business community, ensuring the availability of quality jobs, goods and services.
  • We are stewards of our environment, promoting sustainability of our many resources and the creation of inviting public spaces.
  • We strive to preserve and enhance neighborhood vitality while promoting a strong balanced local economy.

Community vision

To build and renew the community by providing services, promoting renewal and guiding growth in an even more sustainable, fiscally sound manner. Bloomington's vision of success is centered on its people, neighborhoods, businesses and government.

Our people are...

  • Active: We participate in community life.
  • Cooperative: We help and support each other for the benefit of all.
  • Respectful: We hold our people and our institutions in high regard.
  • Healthy: We support actions that promote our physical and emotional well-being.

Our neighborhoods are...

  • Safe: Our personal safety is our highest priority.
  • Welcoming: We are friendly and open to all that live and work here.
  • Enjoyable: We have high quality recreation and open spaces available to all.
  • Diverse: A variety of living options are available to all.

Our businesses...

  • Provide an important foundation for building community.
  • Supply good jobs: We have many high quality employment opportunities available.
  • Provide a variety of goods and services: Convenient and plentiful goods and services are available.
  • Are active partners in community: Our businesses are engaged in civic life.

Our government...

  • Is a reflection of our community's aspirations.
  • Spends tax revenues wisely: We invest our resources prudently for the benefit of all.
  • Encourages public participation: We ask our citizens for their opinions and their help.
  • Anticipates and adapts to challenges and opportunities: We plan for the future and take action.
  • Maintains and preserves public assets: We protect our environmental resources and maintain quality public facilities.