Marie Sharah

At your service: Marie Sharah

You can expect a warm welcome from the City’s main information desk at Civic Plaza. If you’ve visited the building or called the City’s main number, chances are you’ve experienced the excellent customer service Marie Sharah provides. For 10 years, Sharah has worked as an information assistant. Even on the frontlines during COVID-19, she has a friendly hello for everyone.

Her radiant personality comes through every interaction of her work. From her pleasant and outgoing nature, it’s obvious Sharah enjoys working with people. 

On a personal level, she likes animals too. At her desk, she keeps her daily calendar of cats. It’s a tribute to her feline friend Snickers. 

Sharah has a bachelor’s degree from St. Catherine University and is a Bloomington resident. But her story started in Orofino, Idaho, where she was born in a loggers’ hospital on a mountain top. The hospital was so small, she and her mother were the only females. Her parents worked as teachers in the Native American community.  

 As a child of the Rockies, Sharah was destined for adventure. Travel is a lifelong hobby and has taken her everywhere from Europe to Asia. Highlights include a climb on the Great Wall of China and a visit to the Taj Mahal.

 “The more cultures you come in contact with, the better understanding you have of human nature,” Sharah said.