At your service: Laura Horner

Some people make recycling a lifestyle. For Laura Horner that means taking her compostable items to drop-off sites. Zero-waste activities are in keeping with her personal outlook and her professional responsibilities of garbage and recycling as Public Works project coordinator for the City.

“At home, I try to have a small impact. As a habit, I recycle and participate in organics recycling. The goal is to produce less garbage,” Horner said. “For me, this amounts to about one bag of garbage every two to three weeks.”

Years ago while backpacking in Montana’s Beartooth Mountains, Horner discovered her passion for environmental protection. An interest in sustainability and the environment led her to earn a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, policy and management.

On the job, she enjoys providing education on the City’s recycling program, talking with residents, and working toward making the organics drop-off sites more visible in the community. The annual Citywide Curbside Cleanup program is among the many projects Horner coordinates.