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Your questions answered

At last fall’s town hall forums, residents submitted nearly 240 questions for City Councilmembers and staff to answer. Questions ranged from new developments to sustainability projects. Councilmembers and staff answered these questions at the events, but they also wanted to respond to frequently asked questions for those who couldn’t attend.  Find some of the answers in upcoming issues of the Briefing and online at

Q: What is the City doing to attract more small businesses, breweries, etc.?

A: While the private market makes decisions on whether to open a business, the City plays a role by making sure City Code is in place to allow desired uses and reduce burdens for businesses to open.

The City recently amended the City Code to allow new development applications to be approved quicker and with fewer meetings. For example, the City is drafting Code amendments for consideration to make restaurants permitted uses rather than conditional uses. The City is also looking at Code amendments and potential City Charter changes to allow breweries, distilleries, taprooms and cocktail rooms.