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Your questions answered

At last fall’s town hall forums, residents submitted nearly 240 questions for City Councilmembers and staff to answer. Questions ranged from new developments to sustainability projects. Councilmembers and staff answered these questions at the events, but they also wanted to respond to frequently asked questions for those who couldn’t attend.  Find some of the answers in upcoming issues of the Briefing and online at 

Q: What is the plan for Normandale Lake?

A: This project is being directed by the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District.  They have the lake drawn down to the holding level for the winter.  This will allow the frost to freeze out the curly-leaf pondweed turions (a fancy word for weed seeds.)  The September rains that filled the pond back up did not impact the overall schedule of the first phase.  The next steps include spot treatment of the curly-leaf pondweed and the alum treatment.  The exact timing of these will be determined once the effectiveness of the freeze out has been evaluated next spring.

Q: What are we doing to combat Emerald Ash Borer?

A: The City is working to reduce the impact of the emerald ash borer by removing 8,200 public ash trees over 20 years. This work began in 2014 and 632 trees have been removed so far. The goal is to remove 400 trees in 2018. This removal activity is expected to increase over the next five years peaking at 800 annually for three years from 2023-2025. To ensure future tree canopy cover, maintenance staff will replant an equal number of trees in Bloomington. Greater diversity is key to the future resiliency of Bloomington’s urban forest, so the 300 new trees planted in 2018 came from a mix of 20 different varieties.