Lyndale Avenue

What’s happening in the Gateway District: Lyndale Avenue corridor

The Lyndale Avenue corridor project is well underway. Since October 2019, the project consultant, Stantec, has analyzed existing conditions, market trends and future demand for the area. Stantec also engaged with residents, businesses, City staff and partner organizations to understand their concerns and aspirations for the corridor.

Stantec then prepared a draft vision for the corridor focused on urban design, mobility and open space.  They also prepared design concepts for two key areas around Lyndale and 86th Street, and Lyndale and 98th Street. 

The City Council and various commissions and boards will review and give input on the concepts. Stantec will then draft strategies and recommend priority actions. This will lead to a strategic plan that is expected to be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council this fall. The project plan is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2020.