Welcoming new leadership

On January 2, Bloomington will have a new mayor and councilmember, along with two returning councilmembers. 

Tim Busse: New mayor

Tim Busse was elected to fill the seat Gene Winstead held for 20 years. A record of community involvement and leadership roles at the University of Minnesota, Bloomington Chamber of Commerce and League of Minnesota Cities led Busse to where he is today. He intends to continue Bloomington’s tradition of creative, innovative and bold leadership. 

His approach will uphold the values of predecessors. Expect the City to continue on a familiar path to outstanding services, strong financials and sound governance.

From his eight years on the City Council, Busse is especially proud of the opportunity housing ordinance and reinvestment in parks and trails, including the Old Cedar Avenue bridge area. Going forward, he intends to prepare for anticipated changes in Bloomington’s population, and reinvest in neighborhoods and commercial areas—building on the diversity that is the strength of Bloomington. 

Jenna Carter: New councilmember at large

Jenna Carter was elected as councilmember at large, the seat Tim Busse held for eight years. Carter plans to focus on the growing issue of youth homelessness, safer streets and addressing inequities. Engaging residents and working to create a Bloomington that is truly welcoming and inclusive are ways she wishes to foster positive change.

“I look forward to digging in, listening and really grappling with the complexity of many of the challenges and opportunities in front of us,” Carter said. “I ran for City Council because I am committed to a community where every person has the opportunity to live healthy and thrive.”

Dwayne Lowman: Reelected councilmember District I

Incumbent Dwayne Lowman was reelected as councilmember for District I.

“I am looking forward to the completion of the veterans’ memorial, continuing my work on the Metro Alliance for Healthy Families as fundraising chair and working to make Bloomington an even more sustainable city,” Lowman said.

Fall was an especially busy time for Lowman when he welcomed a baby girl into his family.

Shawn Nelson: Reelected councilmember District II

Shawn Nelson retained his seat as councilmember for District II. His focus will be to continue working on behalf of residents and business to keep Bloomington neighborhoods vibrant.

“My priorities will be renewing our neighborhood commercial areas, enhancing parks and trails to meet today’s needs for kids, adults and seniors, and addressing our infrastructure needs related to roads, water and facilities,” Nelson said.

For more information, visit blm.mn/council or call 952-563-8782.