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Virtual home energy visits available

Ready to save money on your energy bill? Home Energy Squad can help you explore your home’s energy potential and take the next steps to make it a reality.

Home Energy Squad visits are usually performed in person, but a free virtual home energy audit is available. After your free virtual visit, you and your energy expert may decide to do an in-person visit, which can be performed safely using health and safety guidelines. Free in-person visits are available to income-qualified households.

During a visit, energy experts help you to look at your home from a new perspective. Discover how your home uses energy, and find ways to lower your energy use. Recommended improvements can include LED lightbulbs, door and attic hatch weather stripping, thermostat programming, high-efficiency water fixtures, furnace upgrades and more.

To schedule your audit or for other information, call 651-328-6220 or visit