Sustainability, racial equity training in progress

Sustainability and racial equity are intertwined. Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities experience the adverse effects of climate change first and to a higher degree. To offer more inclusion and opportunities for BIPOC communities in environmental planning, the Sustainability Commission has started a racial equity training program. 

Five members of the Sustainability Commission will take the Equity Foundations Training. One City Council Member will also participate. Racial Equity Coordinator Faith Jackson and Sustainability Coordinator Emma Struss are cofacilitating the five-part training series. After the training is complete, participants will report their findings.

“The goal is to develop shared language and analysis to integrate equity into sustainability programs,” Struss said.

Equity and inclusion, and environmental sustainability make up two of the City’s strategic priorities. For more information, email or call 952-563-4862 for more information.