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Surveys find Bloomington’s quality of life remains high

A majority of residents and businesses remain pleased with the quality of life in Bloomington, according to recent surveys. Ninety-three percent of residents who responded to the National Citizen Survey™ said Bloomington is an excellent or good place to live. Eight in 10 business owners rated Bloomington as an excellent or good place to do business. Ninety-four percent of residents and 86 percent of businesses would recommend Bloomington to others.

High marks for City services

A majority of residents and businesses gave positive ratings to every aspect of the City’s governance. Four in five respondents gave high marks to the overall quality of City services and to the customer service provided by City employees.

Since the City’s first National Citizen Survey™ in 2012, almost all residents have rated their overall quality of life as excellent or good. Bloomington, both as a place to live and raise children, has a long history of favorable ratings from residents.

Other findings

The top-rated municipal services in both the resident and business surveys were fire, police, fire prevention, drinking water, parks and sewer services.

With a 90 percent approval rating, the City’s drinking water ranked first among its peer cities for the fifth year in a row and 10th among all jurisdictions polled nationwide.

Nine in 10 residents feel safe in their neighborhoods and in shopping areas.

While resident scores for value of services for taxes paid dropped by 10 percent to 63 percent from 2017, Bloomington ranks in the top 25 percent of benchmark communities nationwide in that category.

The lack of a qualified workforce limits business operations in Bloomington, with 44 percent of owners and managers noting the shortage of quality applicants impedes their operations to a large or moderate extent.

This was the seventh year in a row for the National Citizen Survey™ and the third year for the National Business Survey™ in Bloomington. The polls were performed by the National Research Center of Boulder, Colorado.

The data will be used to identify trends and improvements in municipal services and to monitor how residents and businesses opinions of City services change over time.

More information

For more information and complete survey results, visit the City’s website at