Ranked choice voting on the ballot

In August, the City Council voted to include a question about ranked choice voting on this year’s ballot. The ballot question will read: “Should the Bloomington City Charter be amended to elect the Mayor and City Council members by the Ranked Choice Voting method?” If the ballot question passes with at least 51% of voters choosing “yes,” ranked choice voting would be used for municipal elections starting in November 2021.

What is ranked choice voting?

Sometimes referred to as “instant runoff voting” or “preferential voting,” ranked choice voting is a process that allows voters to rank their choices for each office. 

First-choice votes are counted. If no candidate has a majority of the votes (more than 50%), the candidate with the least number of first-choice votes is eliminated. Voters who picked the eliminated candidate as their first choice have their second-choice vote counted instead. This process repeats until one candidate has a majority.

Where is it currently used?

In Minnesota, Minneapolis, Saint Paul and St. Louis Park currently use ranked choice voting for municipal elections. It is also used in various other jurisdictions around the country.

Learn more 

Read more about ranked choice voting at blm.mn/rcv