Planting trees to strengthen the urban forest

From diverse plantings, great urban forests grow. Planting different kinds of trees strengthens our urban forest.

“Promoting diversity is important for a healthy and sustainable urban forest,” Assistant Maintenance Superintendent Dave Hanson said.

Popularity can put trees in harm’s way. The repeated planting of the same types of trees can increase the risk of pest infestation, disease, effects from climate change and severe weather. In the past, countless elms succumbed to Dutch elm disease, a fungal problem triggered by elm bark beetles. Today, ash trees are falling prey to emerald ash borer. The abundance of maples is a growing concern for tree issues in the future.

If you are planting trees, consider less frequently chosen varieties, including ginkgo, hackberry, honey locust, Kentucky coffeetree, river birch or swamp white oak. For information, visit or call 952-563-8760.