Organics recycling at City facilities

In late 2020, the City began offering organics recycling at Civic Plaza, Public Health, Public Works, and the kitchen at Creekside. Currently, most containers are in staff-only areas. However, in the future, the program may be expanded to more areas and buildings.

Organics recycling reduces the amount of material going into the waste stream and ending up at the landfill or at an energy recovery facility. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change, and returns nutrients to local soil. Waste sorts conducted at Civic Plaza, Public Works, and Creekside before the start of the program revealed approximately 40% of what was thrown away could be composted.

From food scraps to paper products to unwanted houseplants or flowers, all materials that come from living things can go into the compost bin. Find a complete list and other information at or call 952-563-8700.