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City of Bloomington Town Hall meeting

City Council: All-City Town Hall Forum Oct. 30

Making new council-community connections

Bloomington City Councilmembers are exploring new avenues to connect with constituents. In October, more than 200 residents attended town hall forums—a new outreach event series—held in their council districts. At these events, councilmembers led discussions about the City’s strategic priorities, including high-quality services and community amenities.   

They spoke about improvements to City fire stations, park buildings, playgrounds and facilities including the Bloomington Ice Garden, Dwan and Hyland Greens golf courses, the aquatic center and a potential new community center. After the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to ask councilmembers questions. 

Residents submitted hundreds of questions on a wide range of subjects. Some of the most common topics of inquiry were the Normandale Lake water quality project, the new community center, see page 4 for more on this, and fire station improvements. 

Councilmembers and City staff answered questions live at the event. City staff is also working on answering the most common questions in print, video and online for those who were not able to attend a town hall forum. 

The all-City town hall forum, hosted by At-Large Councilmembers Tim Busse and Nathan Coulter, was also streamed live on Facebook when it took place on October 30. The video is still available to view online at

“More than anything, the City Council wants to set a new standard for how it’s going to interact with the community,” City Manager Jamie Verbrugge said. “I expect these town hall forums will be the first in an ongoing series of opportunities for residents to directly interact with their councilmember.” 

For more information about the town hall forums, visit or call 952-563-8782.