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Improving water quality: Normandale Lake project in full swing

The views at Normandale Lake are changing a bit. The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District began working to drain three feet of water from the lake in late August. The goal is for the bottom of the lake to freeze over the winter, killing invasive plant species such as curly-leaf pondweed. With curly-leaf pondweed gone, the lake will look and smell better. One reason for this is that pondweed produces high levels of  phosphorous, which encourages algae growth. 

Staff expects some curly-leaf pondweed to survive the freeze because it is such a hardy plant. To address the remaining curly-leaf pondweed, the watershed district will apply targeted herbicide treatments in the spring. 

No trails will be completely closed off during this project. Staff also predicts that area wildlife will remain safe throughout the draw down process. The City installed fencing to steer turtles to safe crossing points before the draw down began and fish should swim into the creek as the water levels in the lake come down.  For more information, visit