Grants available for eco-friendly garden and landscape projects

During the cold days of February, what better time to think about spring and your garden or landscape? This could be the year to plan something to help Bloomington’s ecosystem. Environmental stewardship grants are available to help fund projects that protect and improve natural resources.

While the rain garden has become a symbol of urban natural resource restoration, there are many ways you can manage a landscape to improve local ecological health. Native habitat restorations, pond buffers and other projects can make positive environmental impacts. Unlike sterile turf lawns, native plant landscapes promote environmental stewardship, provide habitat for pollinators and wildlife, improve air quality, build soil structure and more. 

Cost share programs provide funding which residents match. Typically, grants are awarded to cover up to 50 – 75% of a project’s cost for professional consultation, engineering, labor and materials. 

These grants are awarded by the various watershed districts. To find which watershed district you live in and related links, visit