Meadow lawn

Going from turf grass to meadow lawns

Maybe you’ve noticed more meadows springing up around town? The City of Bloomington is converting some turf lawn areas into meadow lawns. These plantings rely on native grasses and flowers, and are a more environmentally friendly approach to landscaping. Sustainability is a priority for the City.

Have you considered adding a meadow lawn to your yard or landscape? Once established, meadow lawns offer many advantages over traditional turf, including:

  • Lower maintenance costs and less fuel use. Mow just once a year.
  • More climate resiliency through absorbing larger amounts of carbon. 
  • More drought tolerance.  Less water needed for maintenance and less water runoff into water bodies.
  • Better habitat and food supply for insects, birds and wildlife.
  • Safer areas for children and pets to play.

For more information, visit or call 952-563-8760.