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Get creative and help the environment this holiday season

Make your holidays greener this year with creative and sustainable gift wrapping. Traditional gift wrapping is not recyclable and the paper, bows and boxes you use can easily pile up in the garbage this time of year. Instead of spending money on gift wrapping, reuse materials that you already have on hand. 

“People tend to produce more waste around the holidays,” said Deputy Director of Public Works Mary Hurliman. “Why  generate more trash when you can use something recyclable and creative instead?” 

Almost anything can be used to wrap gifts. Try using one of these eco-friendly alternatives: fabric, newspaper, maps, calendars, reusable gift bags, paper shopping bags, aluminum foil or baskets. You can even use old issues of the Briefing. Or wrap a gift in another gift such as a purse, tote or scarf. For more creative, sustainable gift-wrapping ideas, search “eco-friendly gift wrap ideas” on Pinterest.