LED lighting installation

Energy-efficiency upgrades completed

Recent upgrades to City facilities promote sustainability and provide energy savings. 

Boilers were replaced at Public Works and the Water Treatment plant. LED lighting was added to update older, less efficient fixtures. The project included automated building control upgrades for heating and cooling. These upgrades are projected to save $150,000 in energy costs yearly.

“This reduces our carbon footprint,” Assistant Maintenance Superintendent Dave Hanson said. “It’s a good thing to have more sustainable equipment and sustainable operation of buildings.”

Recommendations from an energy use study guided the project. The energy upgrades are in keeping with the City Council’s strategic priority for environmental sustainability. 

During the next few years, additional upgrades are planned for solar panels. The Civic Plaza and Public Works roofs are at an age when replacement is needed. After the work is done, they will be ready for solar panels.

For more information, call 952-563-8760 or email sustainability@BloomingtonMN.gov.