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Earth Action Heroes: Organics recycling poster contest winners

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Bloomington Briefing Published June 28, 2022
Updated on November 2, 2022
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The City of Bloomington teamed up with the cities of Richfield and Edina to hold a poster contest about organics recycling. The theme was “Return To The Earth: A Compost Story!” MN GreenCorps Member Jane Peuser said they wanted a theme that showed the process of organics recycling. “We wanted participants to creatively express an understanding of the full cycle that organics go through to be turned into compost,” Peuser said. “And that composting is a way to repurpose organic material and divert waste from landfills.” Congratulations Bloomington residents!

 The contest winners in their own words:

Amgalan Nyamdechin: “My poster has a cardinal, a hummingbird, a peony, a hibiscus and a person hugging the earth. I want people to look at this and see it has a good environment, which composting can help us do. Composting can be very good for the earth. I just want people to notice how composting can help the environment.”

Audry Fortner: “I wanted to submit a poster, because I enjoy creating art. I also care about doing what’s right for
our environment.”

Lauren Wallace: “This work is an illustration of the way food waste can become a valuable source of nutrients for the Earth through composting. A variety of natural food scraps are whimsically pictured at the top of the poster as if they are slowly falling and returning to the Earth. The bottom depicts fresh grass springing up as a result of composting, with worms playfully interacting with this new life.”