Thermo King employees group photo

Earth Action Hero: Thermo King

Sustainability is a value Thermo King puts into action daily. The Bloomington-based refrigeration and climate-control company promotes sustainability through its production practices, product lines and company culture.

A zero-waste landfill goal, rain water recovery system and switch to LED lighting are recent changes. The company achieved its 2020 climate commitment two years early, raising the bar for further sustainable implementation. In partnership with the Bloomington Sustainability Commission, Thermo King hosted a tour of its headquarters highlighting some improvements for other business leaders to see.

“It’s real—sustainability doesn’t just exist in a PowerPoint presentation,” Vice President and General Manager Dane Taival said.

And it’s good business. A growing number of Thermo King’s customers have their own sustainability goals, and sustainable commercial practices provide long-term cost savings. The opportunity to contribute to environmental stewardship, community building and employee engagement are other benefits.

An employee-led green team brainstorms innovative ways to increase sustainability. With a current membership of 15 – 20, the group considers what could benefit the company and the environment. Maybe electric car chargers are the next move?

The company is looking ahead to make more changes with an ambitious set of 2030 goals to further address climate change. One goal is to transform business practices to have a restorative impact on the environment, including achieving carbon neutral operations and a 10% absolute reduction in energy consumption.

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