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Earth action hero: Sustainability Commissioner Deanna White

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Bloomington Briefing Published December 30, 2020

The first thing Deanna White and her partner did when they moved into their Bloomington home was reinsulate the attic. A rebate from Xcel Energy helped cover some of the expense. The long-term energy conservation was important for White.

Five years later, White tries to make sustainability a part of what she does in Bloomington and beyond. Besides serving as a Sustainability Commissioner, she works as State Director for Clean Water Action.

“I really started learning about environmentalism when I started working for the Sierra Club many years ago. Since then, it’s been a big part of my life,” White said.

Humility comes through as she speaks of her passion for promoting sustainability. White stresses that while no one is perfect, all of us can do something to help. Even small contributions add up when others do them too. Maybe it is to drive less, water your lawn less or adjust your thermostat to save energy. 

“Do that one thing that is manageable, then do another,” White said. “I know that one person can make a difference. It’s not easy. When we all work together, we can make a bigger difference.”

Environmental sustainability is a strategic priority for the City of Bloomington. For more information, visit or call 952-563-4862.

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