John Jaimez

Earth action hero: John Jaimez

John Jaimez knows how important organics recycling and other sustainability issues are for the health of the community. The 20-year Bloomington resident was part of the group that helped launch the Bloomington Sustainability Commission. A desire to help the City develop its sustainability efforts and improve its environmental and carbon footprints led to his volunteer work. Jaimez served four years on the commission and helped get the organics recycling program going. The work he did to help establish organics recycling in Bloomington is his proudest achievement with the commission. 

“After the initial kick-off period that involved many residents who volunteered to oversee the sites and educate users of the sites, things quickly went on autopilot,” Jaimez said. “Now we have more than 1,500 households that regularly use these sites all year long to recycle their organics.”

Jaimez encourages others with similar interests to get involved with the Sustainability Commission. Help is needed with public education and outreach, and commissioner roles open from time to time. 

“There’s a lot of opportunity for people to get involved,” he said.

Environmental issues are at the core of work Jaimez does for the Hennepin County Environment and Energy Department as an organics and recycling specialist. A large-scale project he’s working on will improve and expand the infrastructure available to recycle organics. The goal is to develop a new anaerobic digestion facility to convert food waste into clean, renewable energy and still produce a high-quality compost or fertilizer product.