City of Bloomington’s Fleet Manager Michael Keim

Earth action hero: An electric car sparks chang

Owning an electric car adds a lot of advantages with only an occasional charge for City of Bloomington’s Fleet Manager Michael Keim, above left, and Accounting Assistant Joan Keim, above right. Two years ago, the Bloomington couple bought an electric car. They enjoy the financial and environmental benefits an electric car offers.

For the Keims, charging a car with an electric plug is easy at home in the garage. Electric power generation is a sustainable advantage.

“Step out of your comfort zone and into an electric car,” Michael said. “Don’t be scared of the change. Electronic cars are very nice to drive and the technology is proven.”

As fleet manager for the City’s more than 500 vehicles, Michael knows his cars (and trucks) and how things run on the road under all conditions in all seasons.

The car’s range is well suited for city driving. Current electric car models have a range of 150 – 250 miles. The ride is quiet and smooth with no engine vibrations. The car’s torque provides plenty of responsive power. Brakes last longer because they are regenerative. With no gas, oil changes or tuneups, lifetime cost of ownership is less than a traditional car even taking the higher purchase price into account.